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Monday, October 08, 2007

Murder, mutilation and extreme violence - and it's encouraged!!!

Stressed? Pent-up? Need to vent your anger?

So did I!!

Then I went to a Kendo evening - and learnt how to split a head open with a sword, cut off a hand, disembowel and in case none of the above had done the trick, spearing through the throat. Lovely! And all the while screeching 'Me-ennnnnnnnnnnnnnn!' on a dying crescendo, galloping past the victim, barging him for good measure on the way through.

The intro was attended by fifty young male students, a handful of young female students, and one somewhat older woman in rimless spex....

A small tip here for the ladies - especially those who've had four children - make sure you go to the loo before you start - and then go again, just to make sure... Oh, and don't wear a tight pair of pedal pushers, nor, for the fuller-bosomed, a less-than-supportive pretty bra ...

So - I can't start the beginners' class straight away, as practice is on the same evenings as my drama group rehearsals, but maybe after Christmas I too can dress in a baggy blue dressing gown, breastplate, genital apron and that cool head cage with wings ... oh, and maybe learn to stop ducking down after I whack.. not cool!


  • At 11:11 pm , Blogger Raybelles said...

    I want to practise kendo on almost every person i see here in Chile.


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