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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Excerpt from another email

My week has been extremely go-ooood. Well, just over a week, in fact - starting with last Saturday, going down to Plymouth to meet new saily chums, dropping in on B*****n and then BB and his missus on the way. Stayed with A and P, having got lost in Plymouth on my way to their house - had to call for assistance at least twice ... and was finally found in a petrol station, looking rather daft and bewildered and extremely late - I'd missed the turn off into P'mouth, as usual, and then tried to make up for my idiocy by relying on my sense of direction to make my way back to the original meeting place. Bad move. I have no sense of direction, but I did get to see P'mouth's Christmas decorations, and to speak to many of the locals, all of whom, as happened a year ago in similar circumstances, assured me I couldn't miss it ... and as ever, I could. Anyway - we all got to the pub, where it was fun to meet strange named strangers, got to eat fish and chips and asked the barlady to turn the deafening music down a bit, only to discover it was a not-frightfully-good live band...

Anyway, moving on - the following day I met up with an old Cornish saily chum (who'd come up to Devon, as the piskies regularly chase me out of their country, and we didn't want to miss each other). So - met up in Plymouth, and then immediately lost each other on the main road, as I managed to take the wrong turning, despite driving right up his exhaust pipe ... I don't quite know how I do it, but thank goodness for mobile phones, and we were able to meet up again on the bypass at a layby... Lunch, and later cream teas (just as well I don't live there - I would never be able to fit behind the steering wheel) then I was off again. Driving in pouring rain and dark to Sussex to my sister's. As I hadn't quite managed to let her know when I was arriving, I did wonder whether she would be in, but yes! when I turned up at 9.30 - there she was! In our old family home, which she's just moved back into. Couple of days there, including the pub quiz evening (disgraced ourselves), and then off to Kent - where yet again I hadnt quite managed to contact my chums there, so it was hardly surprising to find they weren't there. So I came home!

Couple of days back here, rang the Kent chums, and have just come back from spending the weekend with them - and went to Leeds castle (home of politicians' jollies ...) - I thought it would be boring and stuffy, but it wasn't, and lunch (you'll hate this - lamb and apricot casserole) was scrummy. And so home, arriving back an hour ago. Went by train there and back, and treated the entire carriage to exhibition snoring.

Hardly have I hit the front door, than I'm planning the next outing - France on Tuesday morning for a week - chauffeur driven hehe - actually, it's the insurance, or lack of it, that means I can't drive this time. So, tomorrow is hair dyeing day, clothes washing and packing, playing hunt the passport, and contemplating the ruin that is the leaking shower (I picked mushrooms from round the edge the other day - oh yes I did!). On the bonus side - whenever I leave home, my son seems to be sparked into action - this weekend, he has mowed the grass and ploughed the kitchen garden and hacked the tiles off the shower cubicle (oh so sad - lovely holey italian limestone) .. what will he have achieved when I get back?

Well, you did ask ...

I can't tell you (apart from the income that is) how much I like not working ... and I rather liked my job, even if I was bored by it. D'you know, it's been getting on for 2 years since my job went tits up and the department closed?


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