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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Today I am mainly .. (not for the faint hearted)

clearing up the garden. Nothing erk about that, you say. Remember I have a dog. Oh, and the lodger has a dog, even if she is an apology for a dog (chihuahua). In exchange for rent, son Timothy has said he will mow the grass. He didn't say when.


I cleared up the kitchen too - twice! Once when I got up, when there was too much for the dishwasher in one go - and then just now. Then I cooked, so now I have more washing up hanging around.

I woke up this morning having had a really scary dream - lots of authority figures accusing me of doing oh such dreadful things - parking, using red diesel, causing earthquakes in shops - the usual stuff. I have a problem with authority figures - they were getting their own back ...

This is a domestic (not domesticated) day - I discovered the sitting room carpet is green, not black dog velour, after all. And that leaves don't grow in the hall, though they do seem to drop their autumn leaves there.

And now listening to the radio on the laptop (multitasking) because the real radio is rubbish.

Sorry, dear readers - nothing worth writing really. But I just felt like doing this. Oh, I remember! Swiss Smile - have a half price offer - the whitest teeth in the universe - looks like another London jolly, maybe Tuesday to fit in with the busy social life... haha


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