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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A tale of Two NYEs

Same place, same time, same people - but oh what a difference a year makes!

Last year:

See last entry

Gave a whole lot of chums lots to gossip about for a year!!

This year:

Drove to party (BIG main difference from last year, eh?)
1 glass of white at 8, 1 glass champagne at midnight
Ate party food (other BIG main difference)
Talked sedately (ditto)
Played Balderdash, rather than the fool ...
Went home instead of spending the night in a coma on the floor

OK, then - which NYE did I prefer?

Loved the naughty feeling of the first one - and yes, it does still make me laugh, though only because my hosts are still my friends.

Last night was very good fun, great company, but ....

I still ended up on their floor - tripped down a step and sprained my ankle, didn't I!!

Happy New Year, people!!


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