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Friday, September 12, 2008

The Fascinator, or down and out in London ...

Wow! Guess what I've just done! I'm dead impressed - I sent this photo from my phone directly to my blog!! It's a bit blurry, but good, eh? (I've now edited it and lightened it in Picasa - ees betterrr...)

Last night I went to a parteee - drinkies with chums, ackshully - in London town - Soho, Shaftesbury Ave, place called Sugarreef. And I had way way too much to drink, and misbehaved like mad and I was wearing this dotty hat I'd bought earlier from a jokey fancyish dress gothicky shop in Berwick Street, of market fame. I pretended not to notice people in the street staring at this wobbly ole gal with a series of pink chickens and sequins on her head.. Fevvers? Wot fevvers?

Then it occurred to me that I hadn't really eaten since eggs benedict in a cafe for breakfast a long long time before, and maybe I should have something to soak up the alkyhol - little realising it was a bit late for that and eating should come before drinking ... so I swung into a little late night Italian snack place, slurred 'pann-ee-nee' and gobbled it up in no time. I was rather hungry, wasn't I? As I got up to go, I saw a young chap approaching, and decided he was a waiter, thrust money at him, at which he was caught - horrified at what this importuning woman might want with him, outraged at being thought to work there - so I said he could have earned his food, then paid the chap on the other side of the counter. Ha!


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