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Sunday, January 11, 2009

The prospective lodger

Well, not the Russian student (36 going on 70) - FAR too severe a young man for this rather relaxed, messy, easy going - and frequently 'familied' house .. he started off his interview by complaining about the (deaf, elderly) dog, the small visiting grandson (a destructive force of nature) and the dusty (unused) piano keyboard on the dining table .. all sources of noise ... then asked if the house was warm, and that his present radiator was twice the size of the one in my spare room ... then told me (alright, his English needed a bit of beefing up) he'd rather live somewhere where he could talk with a native English speaker (me), even if conditions were poor (!) ... I really don't think he'd have fitted in here, do you?

So it was never going to work! Oh, and he wanted to pay peanuts AND be fed ... what did he think I was - a LANDLAYDEE?

I fleece my lodgers - what else?


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