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Friday, June 16, 2006

OK, so which would YOU choose?

It's p*ssing, really p*ssing, with rain and you urgently need a cr*p.

Do you:

a) struggle into already wet sailing gear, climb a slippery metal ladder while water pours up your sleeves, also while leaning outwards at a 45 degree angle, traipse across a flooded wharf, ford newly scoured rivers, find the elderly combination lock wont work until you hammer the door in frustration after the tenth go, divest yourself of your now entirely sodden garments, and all for the pleasure of a civilised lavatory with flush handle, hot water from the taps, a scrap of soap for hygiene (what?) and your trouser leg for a towel, then reverse all of the above to get back to the boat?

Or b) do you use the dark malodorous cupboard, dank loopaper, dwarfish looseat and a hellish pump action/twist knob/pump action/twist knob again flushing combo, with no privacy, but right next to your bunk?

Which do you think I chose?

* **** *

Actually, I was given a lift to the mall, and went there. And of course, therein lies another tale. If you've read the bit about the autoflushing US loos, this one beat them 100 percent. As I relaxed in comfort, I wriggled the TINIEST bit, and the bloody thing exploded. This was just so ridiculous, I couldnt stop laughing, and during THIS wriggle, off it went again! Douche included, no extra charge. But when I stood up, nothing. Not a thing. Only after I started exploring the mechanism at the back of the appliance, did it spring into life. Maniacal!

* **** *

Off towards Cape Breton and the swinging town of Canso tomorrow (Saturday 17 June, in case I get the days mixed). May be able to get to a computer there, but who knows. I've been spoiled here in Lunenburg - DO visit - you'll want to stay, like A and V (and me). But it's heyho and on we go.

See you around xx


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