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Thursday, June 29, 2006

St John's is grrrr-eattttttt!!!!!

Last night J and I went clubbin' - to O'Reilly's bar on George Street. Famous for having the most pubs/bars in the world in a very small space or something like that. Everything here is unique, so they say - and I believe it.

And the cars STOP for the pedestrians to cross the road! The pedestrian light (a red hand) never changes to the little crossing man, anyway, so it's just step out and go. And as I was about to walk under some scaffolding over the pavement yesterday, a woman said "I wouldn't walk under that if I was you - something fell down on someone the other day." So I didnt - and said the same to another woman at the other end - pass it on, pass it on. People say hello in the streets. Everyone sounds Irish. Auntie Crae's is a fantastic deli. I have run out of superlatives. You may guess I looooove it here.

Just going shopping for the next two weeks, having thrown out or rebagged stuff in the haha dry locker, which like the rest of the boat is running with condensation according to J, (or leaks, according to me). The weather is hot and sunny, and windy and I can feel J wanting to cast off and go. How he restrains himself, I dont know. He's definitely much more of an obsessive sailor than I am - he travels hopefully, I hopefully arrive.

Alan W - a contact from - who has sent some very welcoming emails over the months, dropped by the boat last night. It was excellent to meet him! He later kindly dropped us off for our orgy of Irish music, coke (J) - no, not that sort - and wine x 2 (me). Introduced myself to one of the musicians, Fergus O'Byrne, and he did a request (Peggy Gordon). Little old man did great dance - Silver Riverdancer!

Am I having fun?


  • At 5:19 pm , Anonymous Alan said...

    It's St. John's not Saint Johns! They get touchy about being confused with New Brunswick here:-)

  • At 7:32 pm , Blogger Raybelle de Jour said...

    Excellent - your comment-leaving-thing is working!

    I love love love reading your blog Mummy - you're such an adventurous explorer! No Standard-Mum-Lark for us - you're an inspiration!

    We all love and miss you hugely and send all our love and kisses.



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