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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

En route from Greenspond towards??

Two whales blowing off the starboard side, iving and surfacing. Quite a long waay off, but the "blow" drifts. From my little whale ID book, I think they are humpbacks.

Under all sail, and the sun is shining, and heading towards Lumsden, 34 miles away. We gybed round to 350 degrees, saying goodbye to the whales, and then what do I spot but a couple more, but closer. This time the dorsale fin is larger and there is a smooth edge to the fluke with white under, and a very curved back on diving. Hmmm - nope dunno which sort these are. But they are whales!

The best thing I brought with me - my varifocal sunglasses - binospecs par excellence - whale spotter's delights!!

Total 6 spouts - different places - here be whales indeed. SusiPod now playing Master of the House from Les Mis. "Lord knows how I've lasted, living with this barstid, in the 'ouse". Nope, not a comment on J, who is far too busy navigating and only wants to see whales breaching all round the boat!

Lots of birds - shearwaters, black guillemots, razorbills.

And faaahg! Just like that ... and the sun is still shining - I can sunbathe in faahg!

And then the fog's gone!

Gannets diving for fish - climb, hover, look down, start tumbling down in a wobbly dive, fold wings at last minute and hit the water like spears.

Wind about 3 knots with occasional whitecaps of The Brandies, a shoal/islets towards Cape Freels. Leaving Bonavista Bay.


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