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"The rigors (sic) of an expeditionary lifestyle"

Thursday, August 03, 2006


1. J singing 'She'll be coming round the mountain'. I suggest we form a barbershop duet.

2. The Northern Peninsula is very low-lying on the NW side.

3. Ribbon settlements along the coast.

4. Quad bikes in Black Duck Cove - wish I had one

6. In the ferry port, St Barbe, bought second-hand romantic novel rather than Milton's collected works. Quality over quantity? - Milton at least 4 times the thickness (size), rather than thickness (content) of the other.


  • At 8:55 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    She was coming round the mountain
    doing 90 miles an hour
    when the chain on her motor cycle broke
    They found her in the grass with the exhaust pipe up her a..
    and her t... were playing Dixie on the spokes.
    Sung to the tune of 'she'll be coming' much more fun though
    With all that jewellery and the blue satin nightdress and the pink flip flops on you must be looking somewhat akin to that figurehead from days of old back in Ipswich. Very classy lady.
    All this gushing about my homeland sounds as if we may not see you again in the olde country.

    another topical song
    'Its raining it pouring
    the old man is snoring
    he bumped his head
    on the back of the bed
    and couldn't get up
    in the morning.'

    XXX Salli


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