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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Wed 2 August

There are two Black Duck Coves on NFL. One is described in a cruising guide as "gorgeous". The other one doesn't get much of a mention. It's not on the tourist trail, though it's trails - well, see later ....

The night rain stops, and I go for a walk. J, more pragmatic, is going to read. The forecast is for horrible winds, so we're here for today.

I walk in renewed rain to next door St Barbe, and ask at the motel if they have the internet. Nope, so I have coffee instead. Feed one vice or another - doesn't much matter which. The manageress puts a spinkle of salt on the grounds, when she makes a new pot of coffee - ??

They have a notice in the lobby - 'wet floors'. Even wetter, when I've dripped through them.

"Like to see a dedicated walker," says a cheery chap in the carpark, as I leave. Saw you pass me in your truck, thinks I. Coulda given me a lift. I manufacture a grin.


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