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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Saturday 12 August

Finally, we could leave Blue Beach, Long Point and Port au Port Bay. The wide entrance to the whole bay is occupied by a long and wicked reef (waves hurling themselves to their deaths), which extends under the water to meet up with the end of Long Point. We have to cross this again. It was pretty dodgy coming in, with the depth sounder - I love all these instruments - rapidly shoaling and a sharp turn to deeper water. On the way out, we now have local knowledge (!), and can feel the way over the bar with a bit more panache.

Off down the coast, past Cape St George - more like Cake St George, because it looks as if someone has taken a bite out of it.

Across St George's Bay - a big one, this, and to starboard we're scuttling across the gigantic Gulf of St Lawrence. Under jib and jigger, the wind is picking up from the northwest, and there are whitecaps to the waves. Few gulls are out, there is early fog, then it's cloudy, and if we're good, a bit of sun. Sounds like typical Newfoundland weather.

We arrive at our last Newfoundland stop - Codroy Harbour, round the corner from the larger ferryport, Port aux Basques. It has an off-shore island, with an artificial breakwater joining it to the mainland to form a protected bay. We tie up inside the outside wharf.


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