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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thursday 10 August

Still here - forecast lousy, but the sun is shining at 7 in the morning, so I creep out to take a photo story of the place. It's extremely picturesque in its decay - titles will include: Dunroamin - (a rusty RV body overlooking the bay), Dunfishin - old boats and lobster pots in the weeds, and of course my usual plumbing obsession, Dundunnyin - a couple of caved in outhouses. Sorry I cant put the pictures here - you'll have to buy the book!!

It was so gorgeously boiling hot, I went for a swim in the harbour and it was lurvely!! Swam to the stone heap in the middle and round to a wrecked dinghy, and could have stayed in for hours more.

Later, one of the scallopers returned and I bought a pound of the largest, fattest scallops J and I have ever seen, with some giant mussels thrown in - "You want a feed of mussels?" What can a girl say to that one?


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