susys running away to sea

"The rigors (sic) of an expeditionary lifestyle"

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wednesdy 30 August

Well, today, I'm up and about and bright as ever - maybe a diet of low food, low sleep, some alcohol and 100 percent adrenaline is a bit extreme!

The sun is shining, I'm blogging, J is reading and we're waiting for Kenny Ker-nickle to come back and fit the fuel pump.


  • At 12:25 pm , Anonymous Alan said...

    Hmm, You seem to be getting a lot of practice sitting around in marina's waiting for the engine to get fixed! Enjoy Halifax, it's a great town. Hope you are feeling better & Hi to Jack.

    Alan & Laura.

  • At 10:36 am , Blogger susyrosyworzy said...

    sitting around? SITTING AROUND?? I dont think so - walking all over more like! Yes - Halifax is groovy - shame about the woozy turn. Now back in Lunenburg. Love to both of you - sending books TODAY!


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