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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Oh dear, a few more notes

The notebook I write in before transferring to here is becoming more than a little illegible. I have used up all my pens and pencil is rubbing itself out. And then I forget to take the notepad with me, in the excitement of a new place, a new internet connection. Which is why I have some gaps.

Just to say: Monhegan Island is in Penobscot Bay. 75 miles to: Isle of Shoals is actually ISLES of Shoals - and not because they're particularly shallow, but because of the erstwhile shoals of cod (same old story)first publicised by Capt John Smith (of Pocahontas fame - she's buried in Gravesend, Kent, UK as it happens, having ended her life there as a married Englishwoman. Somewhere there is a woodcut engraving of her in post-Elizabethan costume, looking well corsetted and beruffed.)

From I of S to Provincetown is 65 miles - think I've already said this, but this connection is slow, and I cant be bothered to look back. Provincetown, while not in its crowded, lively summer glory, nevertheless provides bright interest, lots of little colourful boutique shops, and even out of season, one or two restaurants. J and I go to one outdoors, with nearby patio heaters (oh, the environment), where he has chicken linguini, and I have particularly scrumptious swordfish (oh, the marine environment). May I deeply recommend the Wired Puppy Cafe - great range of coffees and teas (Ancient Lotus), bit expensive, but good - and free access to the internet. Stood there for 2 hours in all - no chairs, customers might stay too long hahaha.

Provincetown nestles in the upper hook of Cape Cod, and is suitably phallicly represented by a massively tall tower emerging from richly verdant bushes. Highly recommended place, even though there was no water taxi - out of season - and I threatened J with beastly retribution if he slopped water into the dinghy and soaked me on our way to shore for supper. I stepped ashore completely dry ...


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