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Sunday, October 01, 2006

New York, New York

So good, I've been there twice this week. It has the same, but different, vibrancy, noise, people and colour of Hong Kong.

First time was a couple of days ago, to visit the Museum of Modern Art, with my nephew Tyler, and friends of my sister-in-law, Heidi. Got a bit of a glut - so many famous painters, so many famous paintings. Decided I didn't like Picasso's women - they always look fed up - but continue to like Magritte - sooooooooo black, he's funny. By the time we all got to the modern modern art, I appreciated the impressionists - they put thought and work into their paintings. The latest stuff, well, a large canvas painted blue, ditto khaki, ditto black, ditto red - all by different people. I feel I've done something similar on walls, but never felt I could claim it as art.

"They're taking the piss," I muttered to Ty, not wishing to offend the surrounding afficionados.

"I hope so," he replied. "At least it would show humor." (sp. - he's American.)

Then we had to hurriedly avoid a bit of red string leaning against a wall. I thought it was marking the site of a future installation, but no, that was the installation. Ho ho ho.

Americans at play

Tonight (Saturday 30th Sept) Heidi and 3 nephews and I went to see Eric Clapton in concert at Madison Square Garden - ah, the smell of the marijuana, the roar of the immense crowd! The music was great, of course, but too loud in the upper registers for my sensitive ears. I poked my fingers in them, and then I could listen without wincing - and enjoy. Actually, I was using my brother's ticket, but not because he had an attack of brotherly love. Poor chap has a nasty cold and felt too rough.


  • At 6:08 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    And I'm not AT ALL jealous that you've seen Eric Clapton live. In NY. Not at all.



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