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Monday, October 09, 2006

So, what's it like to be home?

It goes without saying, I am thrilled to see children and grandchildren again - and the dog, of course, though he's not quite yet speaking to me ... the hens don't give a squawk.

However, once back in the old surroundings, the tedium of ordinary everyay old style living was and continues to be - hmm - just tedious . Too many possessions, pieces of paper, dirt, too many people - so, whether at sea or on land, there are the boring bits. What I miss is the simplicity of it all. I knew I was going to like being a water gypsy - and I did, and I do.

There's also that funny 'time' thing. Less than a week back home, and the summer seems like a distant memory, or something I read, or something someone else did - which is true. Summer was surreal, but so equally is returning home.

I've only been able to 'settle' back because I have a couple of projects resulting from my journey, and the prospects of running away again. I've been looking at boats for sale like a loony, with no money to buy one! Such mixed feelings ...

I'm fitter, slimmer, blonder and rejuvenated - before I left, I felt as if I was wading - literally and metaphorically - through a life of sludge. It's been one of by far the best things I've done in and for my life. Might sound a bit over the top - but it's so. One of the reasons might have been because I was able to be just me - not mummy, grandma, ex-wife, ex-partner, sister - liberating in the extreme.


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