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Sunday, July 22, 2007


My eldest daughter in Chile is astounded at the quantities of excretions her new baby is capable of producing - and miffed no-one thought to mention this would happen.... I've just sent her this email:

"I remember your uncanny knacks of piddling into a brand new nappy, before I even got the plastic pants on, so I felt obliged to change it yet again, cos I KNEW you were wet and I would feel guilty if I didn't. And the even better one - being able to bypass the nappy ENTIRELY and crap down to your toes. Just remember that one, chum.. and that all nappies had to be dunked and wrung out in the loo, then washed, then dried. How ecological was that? Actually, probably not very .. but the dispoooosable nappies were useless.

Give Isabella my love and a big knowing grandma's revenge grin.. hehehe!!!!

luv muv xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"


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