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Saturday, September 01, 2007

The last word

We're a family of last-worders. Imagine what that must be like - it means you can never get to the end of a conversation, because we're all vying to get that last word in. Oh, and we're all instructors at heart - never can let a verbal error pass by. After all, the person to be instructed in the errors of their ways will thank us for it and be eternally and grovellingly grateful.

Lily, 3: Grandma, it's 'purple', not 'pairple' (the way she used to say it)

G: I like pairple, though (last word? Whatja think?)

L: But it's 'PURPLE', Grandma (and that's final then.)

G: Your name must be Lily Last Word S****n. (statement, not question - that would invite a reply)

L (with emphasis): No-oo. It's LILY ELLA ROSE S****n.

Who's the adult here? I concede. Just this once, mind..


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