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Monday, May 26, 2008

Have I ever told you about my multiple personalities?

This is one of them.

Last night, picking up the son and gf from Gatters, driving vai-irrry slo-owly along the pickup point for the third time, looking out for them, I decided on a different ploy. I drew up next to the boy-in-an-important-looking-hi-viz-official-yellow-jacket patrolling the pickup place, wound down the window, and turned the fluffy-old-lady switch on to High.

She's SUCH a dippy ole sort, frightfully frightfully doncha know, can't quite work out where she's meant to be going, would it be alright if I just called him oh I REALLY don't know how these mobile phones work yes it's ringing now oh dear oh dear he's not answering oh dear oh dear WHERE did you say I have to go could you just tell me that again? Where? Round there and up there? Thank you so-ooooo much (tinkling laugh) you might just see me here again (yet more tinkling laugh).

During which bought time, I get to stay till they arrive ....


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