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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

En route to Souris, PEI

and yes, OK, I own up - it's been a bit of a drudge so far - waiting in Sydney, feeling sick towards Dingwall, bored towards the Iles (though I can recommend the cafe Pas Perdus in Cap aux Meules).

What happened next?

What with very confused - ie very SCARY - seas off the easternmost point of PEI, and Jack deciding now would a really good time to take down the sails, and Fortune trying her damndest to shake off her two annoying horsefly crew overboard, rolling, heaving and pitching all at the once, and a huge crash down below as the contents of Jack's personal locker, including it must be mentioned, the urn containing his son's ashes, hurtyling across the cabin floor, followed shortly after by lightning all round and the mast being the highest point out at sea, oh and did I mention it was 2 in the morning, a pitchy, witchy black morning? When the swarm of green bees on the radar turned into a cloudburst as we're approaching the harbour of Souris and a huge car ferry decides now is an excellent time to leave, kindly shining his search light on to the rocky entrance as we squeeze between the ship and the rocks, then we're headed for some fishing boats in a side harbour, me up in the bows, straining to see in the inky black, my torch being fairly useless, when what DO I see but a FUCKING GREAT BLACK BASTARD OF A WALL right in front of the boat... so pretty sharpish and not caring if I wake the entire town of Souris from their uncaring slumbers, I scream and scream STOP TURN LEFT STOP at Jack, who has a hearing problem ... By the time he's understood why his crew is shrieking and yelling and jumping, he swerves to the left, missing the BASTARD WALLby less than a couple of feet.

Legs trembling, we come alongside a proper wall, with a proper ladder and proper mooring cleats, and I don't care if my bare feet are shredded as I run around the wharf making Fortune fast... Apart from all that and writing this still wearing soaking trousers and adrenaline and the torrents are trying to get in through the hatch above my head, we had a pretty dull trip from Ile d'Entree to PEI.


  • At 2:27 pm , Blogger Raybelles said...

    Phew. And what about the ashes - did they come out?

  • At 6:56 pm , Anonymous Laurie said...

    I'll make sure I've got some foot cream with me next time we meet, so i can give yours a gooooood rubbing.



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