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Monday, August 11, 2008

update - pinched from an email

I`ve been snitching a few minutes here and there on grudging internet access in libraries and tourist offices - with the ravening hordes reading over my shoulder and panting for the keyboard - scarcely have I sat down, than the clock ticks and the sandy dunes of time and Cap aux Meules (where I am at the moment) drag me back to reality.

I`m afraid this email will probably also be on my blog - internet time is nothing like real time, which drags indeed .. for a variety of reasons. Enough to say, we sailed from Sydney last Thursday in the early morning, gliding out of the Southern Arm into the Gulf of St Lawrence, left turn for the northern capes of Cap Breton. All going well for quite some time, then I`m aware of my eyes desperately searching for the horizon .. oh oh - the lurgy lurks again, ready to pounce out of the swelly waters .. then the shoulders collapse boneless and all power leaves my hands, as they try to grip the wheel and stay upright. I`m not sick, but in all mercy, I`m back feeling I never want to see a boat, the sea, have a shower, or even drink another glass of water for the rest of my life .... I lie down in the cockpit, and even Jack notices I`m not looking too bright ... To the sounds of my dull moaning - which fortunately for him he can`t hear - we press on interminably - I know this trip will never end - and for a while I sleep - oh bliss... Then we`re approaching Dingwall - at the tip of the peninsula - a village scattered around a pretty river entrance - shallow entry - double granite protecting walls - and drop anchor. I drag from cockpit to bunk, apologising to J for lack of sociability ...

Next day I walk to the tip of the harbour entrance, where children and their parents have organised a swimming area and raft between the two arms to one side of the harbour entrance. The sun is shining and I plait grasses into a band to tie my hair off my neck - the long wiry tendrils wave around my face, and I add wild flowers to the band. Once a hippy ....

Then that night we leave for the trip to the Iles de la Madeleine - my sealegs are in place - and I`m ok on this bit, thank goodness! I`m on watch as we approach in the dawn - the low slung islands with a few craggy humps loom on the horizon and I`m looking out for the entry lights for the marina - nope - none .. but it`s light enough as we get there and turn into Cap aux Meules, sideways on to the waves. The wind picks up inside the marina - none all night - and now quickly blowing a houly, so J`s ensign is blown horizontal .. It`s 6.30 am by the time we snug the boat down and fall into our bunks. It`s now Saturday 9 August.


  • At 3:59 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Do please, please take a photo of your self with the hairband - or any other evocative moments. Remember that your phone will take photos - you won't need to send them, you can just store them on the phone. I really do want to see you when you're being the runaway girl.



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