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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Georgetown, PEI

A very pretty clapboard town with big trees and long lawns down to the main street.

We tied up to the wharf yesterday in the POURING rain - which seems to be a habit, doesn't it? - helped by a young chap who gradually drowned as I watched ... That evening, lots of people happened to drop by our dead end of the wharf - we were the entertainment! They're very friendly here. Lots of gathering further back down the wharf - one of our visitors said it was the local meeting place.

I've acquired quite a few pets here. I've been assured by quite a lot of people here it's the worst year for mosquitoes ever known, and as usual they love me .. I, on the other hand, have become a violent serial killer.

Today, I took a stroll along the main street, passing a museum which opens 'by chance' and a playhouse in bottle green clapboard - very big. This is a very quiet place, and I haven't quite found a horse yet. J and I had breakfast at the back of the store. Plastic cutlery doesnt cut well done bacon. And my pet flies came with me - they enjoyed the toast with tomato jam.

Off to Murray Harbour later.


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