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Monday, October 13, 2008

Living the (Shang) Hai life

Sunday was champagne brunch day - well, isn't it always? It's my new latest habit ..

Rachel, Bells and I went to the 5 star Westin Hotel, Puxi, where, for extraordinary amounts of money and names put down at birth (mine), we strolled to the manner born amongst the rich and beautiful mainly western people of Shanghai. All the fantastic buffet food we could guzzle, all the champagne (Rachel) and Caipirinhas (me) and fruit juice (Bells) could swig - you name it, we probably tried it, including popping little choccy balls of squidgy creamy stuff every time we happened to be passing the display. Which was pretty often.

Food from around the world - and not just any old cheapy bulk produced food ho dear me no - caviar and lobsters, mountains of sashimi, exquisite Chinese little barbequed birds - all presented artistically and tastefully for the feeding frenzy. I've got pix.

Then, pissed and fat, we were entertained by classical music from a small orchestra, serenaded by a couple of Chinese opera (not Chinese Opera) singers, were tango'd by a steamy young Chinese couple, gasped at three Chinese girl acrobats whirling plates and each other, and tried yet again to see how the mask changer did his faster than the eye can see Chinese mask changing. Absolutely astonishing, all of it - I'd had enough Caipirinhas for a tear to fall down my face at the beauty of the singers ... I have no pix, sadly - I'd used all Rachel's camera memory on the food...


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