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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Feline Groovy - 3 July

J and I have just got back to the boat from superb dinner with Alan and Laura. Oh how wonderful to eat off a china plate! Using pretty salad servers with the china salad bowl! A blue pottery wine goblet! China tea mug! (eh? thought everything was plastic these days) Actually, I think I have a vague race memory of these things in the dim, distant past.

The wine in the goblet came from Canada - a cheeky little red that enabled me to demonstrate an ability to fall upstairs into the sitting room.

On the sofa, Winston the Cat looked down felinely at the figure spreadeagled beneath him.

"Never" he said, puffing on his cigar, "in the field of human conflict have I seen one of THEM look such an idiot."

Hang on, Winston, surely it's two toes for a Victory V sign? A North American cat, then.


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