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Friday, July 28, 2006

F*****g B*****y

Trying to get from St Anthony to L'Anse aux Meadows (purported Viking settlement) is proving a test, indeed. Taxi $120(!!), bus - none, hire car - $80 + tax + fuel, backhander to local - offers around $50 - no takers. B****r and F**k! All this way, across the Atlantic and I can't get half an hour up the road!!! I'd stick out my thumb, but I'm not sure J wants to do that. Will ask on my return. Cruise ships bring their own buses from St John's. The three enterprising teenagers playing games on a computer at the Information Desk, Tourist Office, said several people had asked about transport to LAM - and left it at that comment.

Altogether a rather glum day, folks. The glum lady running the Tourist Office (2 km walk there and back, to view the fog over the sea) failed to manage to use her facial muscles; NFL's history has been reduced to various Interpretation Centres and cod and puffin fridge magnets. And it rained on the walk back, and me without my cloak, as ever.

Local person of note here: Sir Wilfred Grenfell, 19/20 century mad Englishman, who set up various medical centres here and in Labrador (jolly good show), and made his 3 dogs a bit mad, too, when adrift in nearby Hare Bay, he skinned them to keep warm. Never heard of cuddling up, then, Wilf?

Another chap, the late Joey Smallwood, who ran NFL like his own monarchy, apparently, allegedly, and all that, suggested the fishermen burn their boats - horror of horrors, what with EI (Employment Insurance) - ie think of something else to do with the fish going going gone. Well, now, people like me are trying to be harvested - taken to LAM - willing to be reasonably exploited - but no takers.

Maybe I'm just a bit surprised at the attitude of acceptance of the status quo, and want a bit of initiative. Maybe I'm tired - it's a nice enough place, the boulders are a wonderful celadon green, the wildflowers are brave in the fog. And the b****y b*****y s*****g ATM spits on my cards.

Thanks for your comments, peeps - Alan: we're going back to the States - plan A; Rayray: dolphins, shmolphins - gimme whales! (Not really, they were beautiful and loads of 'em); Rayray again: I have to speak American so Jack knows what I'm talking about. Eg: sidewalks, glayshers, yards (not gardens). He has had to stop referring to what we call our 'bottoms', as his version has me cringing. Tee hee!

Oh well, onwards and upwards. I'm off to a bank for money - fingers crossed. Then I'm going to try another Interpretation Center and then back to the supermarket to phone for fuel again. And I'm down to my last pair of clean knicks.

"Put your trust in the Lord and L.O.L" - sign on a church. LOL to everyone xx


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