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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

My Fellow American

4 July 2006

J woke up this morning to find the Independance Day Fairy had visited in the night, leaving a paper flag with a few Stars and Stripes on one side and a message to: "My dearest Colonist". Unaccountably, the Fairy seems to have overlooked certain historical incidents and is obviously old enough to remember pre-1776 and indeed, poor mad old George III. For she put the Union Jack on the other side. And "Rule Britannia!" writ large. So good to know one country still dominates the globe.

To the REAL LOUD sound of rousing US anthems, Ole Man River, and my fave, the Battle Hymn of the Republic, the short order cook produced an American Breakfast: OJ, coffee, bacon, fried potatoes, eggs (over uneasily), and probably the world's worst pancake ever. The cook blamed the pan. "She would," said J.

Even doused and drowned in maple syrup, it was inedible - J tried hard, but had to give up. The pancake went from boat to shining sea. J ended up, gratefully, with muffins.

The cook cracked up at the truly terrible meal.

"The intention was good, Jack."

"Yes, kill the Captain," he growled.

That'll teach 'em to want independance - a Brit's revenge!


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