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Thursday, August 17, 2006

An Immodest Proposal

I was walking along the road in Codroy and had reached the store, when a pickup pulled up.

"Hello," says the man in the passenger seat, in that friendly, Newfoundland way.

"Hi," I reply, being a friendly person myself.

"Come over here," says he. So I did.

"You're an attractive woman," he says. Simpering, I can only agree.

Recipients of an email will know I like men who have their own teeth. This gent certainly had his - all one of them - so when he outlined a statement of his assets - house, ATV and so on - this had to be a proposal I had to consider seriously. For a millisecond.

The lie came so easily, it could have been the truth.

"I'm spoken for," I reply regretfully. Ah, to receive an offer for my hand - and to so churlishly turn it down.


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