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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Li'l Ole Screech Drinker, Me

Tuesday 8 August

Forecast still for gales, so might as well stay here. J has decided his flumonia is on the mend, but he's still groggy. So after breakfast he's back asleep. He's looking a lot better, poor chap.

I have managed to flout Canada's liquor laws. No, I havent really, but now we can and do drink ourselves stupid 24 hrs a day in the UK, buying the stuff everywhere, here has been quite different. Because this is a tourist place, there is a liquor store (not to be found everywhere). Open from 9-11 am only. I hurry in, feeling furtive, and grab a large bottle of Screech. It's put in a brown paper bag and I feel like a right alky.


  • At 5:32 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    What IS screech? Mummy, I've tried to call you cos i'm dying to hear your voice but you must be out of reception range cos it's just voicemail.

    Millions and kazillions of love from all of us including Bob (who had an infection on his nose?!! which has now gone) and Finny who is still creeping onto the sofa whenever kate, daisy or i leave the room!)


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