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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

To The Lighthouse (Part 2)

Still Monday 7, sun is shiny, wind is extremely blowy and out in the distance on the end of a headland is the pretty lighthouse we sailed past yesterday. J still unwell, so to let him sleep it off, I'm going to walk to the light. 3 miles, I guess, but undulating. They dont have pavements here - well, yes, they do - that's what the tarred roads are called. They dont have sidewalks here, I mean! Just gravel on the edge of the roads. Depending on how brave I am and how much traffic (ha ha) there is, I walk on the road. And jolly pleasant it is. Views are stunning across Bonne Bay entrance (the big bay, off which Rocky Harbour is a smaller bay), waves breaking over rocks, sea dark green. Half way along, out of the town, is a small wooden house, overlooking the bay - I wave to the people on the porch - would I like to live there!

At the lighthouse, I am about to be charged various sums of money to walk along the trails here (it's part of Gros Morne National Park), so I get a mean fit, and say I'm just looking, then sneak down a bit of a path to photograph the lighthouse. I think the lady there was surprised to have a walker. On the way back, a cute squirrel ran across the road, chittering loudly at me to buzz off and dont disturb. I'm just thinking I might take up walking as a hobby, back to nature, all the things people in cars miss eg squirrel abuse, when 3 bikers go by - and I fancy being a biker instead. Butterfly mind.


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