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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Anchors Aweigh!

Not us, sadly, but the name of the group now playing at the motel tonight. The room is full to bursting, and I sit with a couple of local ladies, Ruby and Regina. They're waiting for their husbands to join them. The band is local, and includes on accordion, the owner of this motel, Reg Williams, the chap who earlier said I could use the PC. Having told him this morning, by way of thanks, I would love him for ever, I came across him during their break and thanked him again, and said how much I was enjoying their music. And he said I could use the PC anytime - so here I am again - hooray! Such good PR - I bought all three of the band's CDs.

And the music is great! Some I know, some is new, and I get hoarse joining in. They play three times a week, it's for us tourists, and quite scripted, but so well done, it's 'spontaneous', bawdy and excellent fun.

Screech and coke and back to the boat by 1.15. You will be delighted to know I did not fall over for a change. But getting back on to the boat was quite interesting. No chance of waking J from his sickbed, and the winds howling the boat away from the wharf at full stretch. I pull and heave - nothing - think I might have to spend the night in the now thunder, lightning and rain, curled up on the wharf. That option doesn't sound much fun, so I heave and pull, and eventually, grudgingly, the boat comes close enough between gusts, so I can get aboard. Drip through the cabin silently, and creep into my bunk. The anguish of the sawing lines, and the thump, thump, of the boat being swept against the wharf soon get me up again to move the fenders. I am expecting an early start and wouldnt mind some sleep.


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