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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Trailing around

Went for second walk - the walking trail alongside a long marshy lake, separated from the sea by a stretch of heathland on the outskirts of BDC.

And I saw real close: 2 squirrels - like gray ones, only red and smaller, black tipped tails held upright, white chests

2 large finches, who barely moved as I walked past

several wading birds, the size of a thin duck on long legs, long long beaks, gray head, mottle brown/black body, pale undercarriage and bobbing head

and biggest and BEST OF ALL - a MOOOOSE!!!

Saw it across the other side of the lake, and it was still there, grazing, when I turned up. We had a pretty long conversation, with snack breaks for the moose, while he considered the situation. Three or so branched antlers with velvet on them. Hanging throat tassel like a goat. Reddish brown and fat and very tall. I got closer and closer, close enough to see pink scratches on one hin leg. I assured him I intended no harm, apologised for eating part of a relative the other night. He ruminated on this, chewing steadily. And still I came closer - by now about 20 of my short paces away or less.

Eventually, he moved a few steps away and stopped. On I came, slowly and gently - the boardwalk went round a corner, and all I wanted was to pass him by. I don't think either of us knew what do do here, but finally he trotted off - just beyond the end of the boardwalk. So I had to turn round, after all.

J said I should have taken my camera - never gave it a thought - just such an amazing thing to happen.


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