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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Weddinged bliss

It was a beautiful day - radiant bride and handsome groom and cute baby! Rachel the perfectionist had worked so hard to organise everthing beautifully - and we were all under strict orders - and it did all go to plan! Nearly cried when I read Auden's poem about love .. very emotional. When Rachel and Rodrigo read out their commitments to each other, it was amazingly touching - lots of ooohhs and aaaahhs from all of us.

The celebrant was from the Humanist Society - a small, intense Irishwoman, who tried to recruit me into the Black Arts of Humanism.. when she started bashing all religions, and shouting the feminist cause, I thought I'd keep quiet about the church shop volunteering, and shuffled nervously in my pretty frock and FM killer heels.... There's no doubt about it, but being polite under all circumstances has advantages in public circumstances - I have a bright, interested, somewhat bland facial expression which seems to cover all occasions. hehe

The wedding blessing, baby naming and reception were held where Rachel used to work, and where she met Rodrigo. It's part of the University of R********n, a simply beautiful building, set in formal gardens. The reception/wedding room gave out on to a broad terrace, overlooking the gardens, with one of those statue fountains set in a circular pond. Oh, and we could park directly outside - so none of that dreary struggle and then walking miles, and then worrying about parking limitations.

It was lovely to see my sister and her family - been a little while - I had no car, and she doesn't drive far - and to meet Rachel's friends. I knew some of them - old school friends - but the ones she's known from her London years were new to me. Everyone was very glamorous and informal - such fun! Lots of laughing and talking and lounging around on the terrace - lucky with the weather, sun, cloud, but warm - even .

I sneaked out to the car at one point for a ten minute interlude - and Luke, Kate's fiance and official photographer, saw me. There's now a photograph of me sitting upright in the driver's seat, head lolling, mouth hanging open. Rotter!

Tim was in charge of the music at appropriate intervals, got a bit nervous, covered it with alcohol and bravado - by the time we were going home, he was the drunkest I've EVER seen him!! Still just about walking, but somewhat incoherent. We stuffed him into the car, tied him in, and I drove home. I also had Jess, Zia and Reg (Zi's dad) in the car, plus two very large bouquets of flowers and the wedding cake box (NOT my cake, you'll be delighted to hear - but a proper one, smoothly, sleekly marzipanned with no thumbprints..!! Oh, the relief when I saw it!). Oh, and a couple of bags and various articles of clothing. All in a Peugeot 106 - they are tiny cars! Anyway, we got home - took 2 hours to get back, instead of the 3 hours it took to get there with the vile traffic. Fell into bed and died.

I think T & J will be sleeping in all day..! And I slid out of bed, leaving Zia and Finn still snoozing gently. Now I'm going to listen to the Archers quietly and peacefully on my own.

R&R are coming back here today, so I shall be waiting for their phone call to be picked up at the station. Otherwise, it's going to be a very quiet day.


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