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Monday, May 26, 2008

What I did today err yesterday

Today, I thought about finishing waxing the coffee table components (basically chunks of wood chainsawed and still oozing sap). But to get to this stage, I need to cut out a piece of carpet to cover the area where the coffee table will go on top of the new carpet. And to get to this point, I also need something waterproof to go either between the two layers of carpet, or above the piece of carpet, but under the chunky bits of wood which pass for legs on the new coffee table, all to protect the new carpet from the oozing sap of the newly chainsawed chunks of wood. Are you still with me? All these retrograde steps needed thinking about over various cups of coffee, then some porridge, followed by marmite on ryvita, aided by some meditatitive soothing achieved by lurking around a variety of websites, posting, reading, posting again, bidding on ebay, eating cake, and of course, yet again, that 'final' cup of coffee. And all at once it's Tuesday .. oh well, tomorrow is now today - I shall have to consider that coffee table problem again....


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