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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Drunken potatoes

Last night, eating out at a very good pub, I got so pissed, suddenly everything seemed hilariously funny. At least I'm a happy drunk!

I may have mentioned this island is fueled by potatoes. Outside the tourist office is a very large sand-and-cement statue of a happy smiling potato, sitting on a pile of - potatoes. (Sandcastle competitions feature widely here, as do sand souvenirs). On the way to A of GG yesterday, our tour guide/driver let drop, as we rubbernecked left right left right to admire the local sights of frequently defunct operations, that crop rotation was now enforced - potatoes, maize (corn), cereals, fallow, potatoes etc. At the pub two of those items featured noticeably with my meal - and I reckon the chowder was thickened with cornmeal ... They served locally distilled potato vodka, and the menu mentioned 'potato of the day' on more than one occasion .. I disgraced myself by laughing too much, especially when I was texting as we were about to leave - and made J wait for a change. He didn't think his having to wait for me was terribly amusing - turning the tables ...

Sun's shining today! :-)

Leaving tomorrow :-(


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