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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Where the rocks meet the sea

Next morning (Sunday 24 August) with the sun shining very brightly, we started the engine with its usual fix of quickstart squirty stuff, pulled up the anchor, and two hours before low tide, motored forward on to the rocks in front of us. The boat was well and truly stuck, and as the water went down, so the angle of dangle increased, nose in the air. I've got some photos, and will try to post them. J once again in the dinghy with the kedge anchor, having tried to dislodge us under engine. Fortunately, a nearby fishing boat full of First Nation (that's what it said on their boat) kids and a couple of adults woke up and saw what was happening. They kindly took a line and after MUCH huffing and puffing and the most dreadful scraping sounds, dragged us over and off the rocks. J put out the kedge and we set to wait until high tide to go again.

(Several hours later)

Once again, we set off, again in the wake of a couple of sailboats whizzing past - locals with local knowledge to be sure. And further down towards the deep sea, took a wrong turning and hit the mud, in deep this time, again on a falling tide Oh, for a detailed chart!! J back in the dinghy with a line, trying to pull us off, and me on board, engine in reverse. You could almost hear the squelchy slurp as the mud eventually let us go... Another local chap (oh hooray for all them, and heartfelt thanks!) was standing by in his power boat, and with J still in the dinghy and me at Fortune's helm, gratefully followed him as he escorted us to the mouth of Merigomish Harbour. J directed me to steer (back on board by this time) to a corner of the long long beach of yellow sand and we anchored for the night in the lee of the cliff. Our path was crossed on the way there by a Freedom yacht (single sail, unstayed mast in the bows). I love those boats. The woman at the wheel, hair streaming, waved cheerily.

The beach was crowded with people playing on the sand, swimming in the water, rushing around on speedy boats, playing music - Canadians at last at play on this rare beautiful day! That night the stars were out- a miracle! But I was woken in the night with the quiet persistent patter of rain on the hatch over my head....

Hahahaha - I've just looked in my note book - and I've written 'pissing with rain' - so much for literary niceties...


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