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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thunder, lightning and in rain ....

If I never see another boat in my life it won't be too soon. I'm fed up with having to listen to weather forecasts of awful weather, and think dragging around from one place to another in the slowest most boring way possible is a good idea - no it isn't - a car would be MUCH better. And when we left Wood Islands (cute even with the biggest car ferry terminus on a tiny island), we nearly climbed on to Indian Rocks offshore and spent at least a couple of hours disentangling ourselves from this mess, to find ourselves virtually back at Wood Islands and having to start out all over again and arriving late at Charlottetown, out at sea, in the middle of the most dreadful thunder and lightning and torrential rain, I couldn't see more than a few yards beyond the edge of the boat at times. J couldn't see the marks, the radar was swamped by rain echo, so guess who had to stand in the cockpit getting fucking soaked through. Major SOH malfunction. I wanted, and in fact still want, to just come home. It took a horrible couple of hours at least to get the ten miles up from the sea, through a narrowish entrance and to the yacht club, where I'm writing this.

Interestingly - type 'rain' into a text message, and it comes up as 'pain'. Never a truer word.

Oh, and joy of joys, we went to Anne of Green Gables's house today (good tour chap/driver, though) - everything on this island is either potatoes, lobsters or A of GG ... combined usefully, I thought, in lobster-flavoured crisps (no, they weren't) and A of GG flavoured crisps, though I really couldn't see myself eating a young girl, even disguised as a potato....

The visitors to A of GG's house are a) ladies of a certain age on coach trips, wearing plastic rainhats and carrying sticks, b) occasional husbands of above, wearing very bored expressions, c) Japanese tourists, all young, and d) a chap with very long dreads ... very Anne, I'd have thought.


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