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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Well, I'm sorry there's been quite a gap, and quite a lot's been happening, but all out of reach of a computer/internet connection.

The night in John Bay was at anchor and totally without incident. All I could hear was the sound of cows mooing on the hill opposite. When J suggested I take the dinghy and row around a bit, I couldn't see myself visiting the cows for a profound discussion, and went to bed with a book instead ..

The following day saw us mooching further eastward along the coast, going further than anticipated in the end, and deciding to go into Merigomish Harbour - another even more winding entrance channel. At first I was following a couple of other sailboats on their way to the end of the maze, when J decided we'd anchor in a little cove. The water shoaled from 20+ feet to 3 (keel in the mud) in seconds. Stray outside the channel at your peril! We backed off and went further up the channel, when a man and his family and dog pulled up alongside in a small power boat. He explained where we should go, but in a maze, directions are difficult to follow. We ended up in shallow water, but dropped the anchor anyway. The man came back shortly after and suggested we up anchor and follow him to deeper water, but Jack said he preferred to stay where we were.

That evening, covering myself in deet, I went for a row in the dinghy. What a pleasure it was to see these hordes of mosquitoes dancing around me, unable to get through to my skin ... a small revenge- until several of them found they could bite just as well through my trousers AND knickers ... Apparently, there are 37 varieties of mosquito on PEI alone. What use are they? They cling to the bug nets around the hatches like ravening maniacs, shaking the netting trying to get in to slake their bloodlust!


  • At 12:06 pm , Blogger Raybelles said...

    I have a ball of a mosquito bite on my leg. Unlike you, I'm safely holed up in my air-conditioned flat with never a peak of an opening to the outside world so where on earth did the little, or rather big, bugger come from? It was sent from the devil himself methinks.

    Just to let you know that even though I'm not commenting on every post, I'm reading them all and thinking of you all the time.

    And also thinking how I can nicen up your room (not that it's not already extremely nice) for when you get here. I've planned our schedule of both day and night activities. What was it they said about no rest for the wicked? Actually I'm half joking. Although I have planned out a week-full, it's all optional. Apart from a meal at the apparently amazing, lordy and hugely expensive restaurant called M on the Bund. This is obligatory. Cos I'm dying to go there. hee hee

    Love you loads and loads, more than you could ever know.



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