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"The rigors (sic) of an expeditionary lifestyle"

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sunday 18 June

J says there's a dodgy weather forecast, so we're going into Canso, on the northern tip of NS, excluding Cape Breton Island. This, rather than pushing on to Louisbourg on CBI. Northern NS is nothing like as well to do as Southern NS.

All change as from 130 pm - on to Louisbourg after all, as the forecase is vile for Mon and Tues ...

Sail through the feckin f*g - and then it clears. I have the 2 oclock am watch (It must be Monday now), and watch the sun rise - a red disk - reminds me when I saw it in Egypt, and on the tomb paintings. By 5.30 we are off the entrance to Louisbourg Bay, and as we turn at the entry marker, a pretty hexagonal white lighthouse to starboard, so the f*g creeps up behind, gradually obscuring the 18 century reconstructedFrench fortress to port. J gets the mizzen down, covering me in canvas again, Jack? "Of course." And all the time, the f*g gets closer. We get to the wharves and tie up, just as it catches us.


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