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"The rigors (sic) of an expeditionary lifestyle"

Monday, August 07, 2006

7 August - ah, Monday, I see

I've been very kindly lent a PC in the Ocean View motel across from the wharf - free! How kind is that?

I crept out early this morning to adjust the fenders - that crump, crump at uncertain intervals is just awful, and came about with a change in the wind direction overnight. I think we had the gale winds come through yesterday evening. The waves swirl round the end of this L-shaped wharf, pushing the boat nose first into the pilings. J opened half an eye as I passed. "Morning, Soozee" and shut it again.

Overcast, but not cold. So, no sunbathing, so I will go exploring after all - and try not to hit the credit card too hard. Just checked the balance, and hooray! Still got enough to keep going ...

lol everyone - keeping comments coming - I love to see them - like opening Christmas presents. xx


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