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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Friday 4 August

Left Port au Choix at 6 am. The coastline is vivid and I can make out details of the high cliffs and mountains behind the coastal plain. It's all very dramatic from here on. It's cloudy, but then the sun comes out. But the wind is chill. We motorsailed , tacking either side of our course to keep the sails filled. Fortune punched her way through exceedingly choppy seas, which slowed our speed, so we ended up at Cow Head, instead of Rocky Harbour 20 miles further on. J had no harbour chart for CH, only some elderly sailing directions - so it was quite exciting to come in - but OK really. (Actually, the following day, from the top of Big Hill on CH, at low tide, I could see some really malicious rockodiles directly in our path, before we spotted a couple of marker buoys and swerved off round them - phew!)

The harbour has been enlarged, out of town, at the end of a natural causeway, connecting CH large lump of land in the sea, with the mainland town. It's quiet and doesnt smell!. A peaceful place, and in the evening several small open boats were rushing out to get their allocated cod.

We had fried cod for supper - so good I made more. And to think my mother deemed cod only fit for cats. Mee-oww!


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