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"The rigors (sic) of an expeditionary lifestyle"

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Only to be expected ...

That in Christmastreeland, there's Father Christmas. And he comes knocking on the boat, FC in shorts, on a quad bike sleigh, and Rudolf is a Newfoundland dog, looking remarkably like his owner, lots of hair, but black.

"I know who you are," I say. "You're Gunter." He looks a bit surprised. We shake hands and I introduce myself. Gunter introduces Rudolf, whose real name is George. George and I exchange wet sniffs (him), strokes (me). George looks as if he would like to jump aboard, leaning well out over the edge of the wharf. Gunter says he lives in the house on the edge of the harbour with flags outside. I knew this one, too. But how? Well, DD told me earlier, didnt she!

Gunter hands me a scroll of papers, which I thank him for, and away he goes. George canters alongside the sleigh - is he pulling it?


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