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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Just increased the credit card debt to fund more holidays for my dentist. He's persuaded me that BEFORE he can mend the peanut butter and tooth sandwich damage, attractively self inflicted a couple of weeks ago, I should whiten said toothy pegs in advance, for a good colour match for the mend.

Well, armed with pocket-crippling gel and a pair of transparent myteeth lookylikey gum shields, I've just tried the first treatment. Actually, it didn't look too bad - you could only see around the gum line I had these shields on, but when I spoke, I did sound as if my tongue had grown twice the size. I always sounds pretty drunk, so no change there.

And it works! Just been inspecting the result - first time, remember - and I'm sure I can see a difference. Knocked the postman off his bike when I flashed him, anyway ....

He liked the teeth, too.


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