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Friday, May 30, 2008

The continuing story of my teeth

Well, of course, I went to the dentists yesterday afternoon. The farking receptionist refuses to recognise me - after ALL these visits! Anyway, dentist is fine, snips the bit of wire off, all immediately hunky dory - you see, I DID know what was the matter ... Daisy goes to the same place and she says the receptionists are a pain. She being such a conciliatory person herself - I'd like to see it ...!!! I'm just being FIRM.

He said he could see the bottom tooth which has always been sideways on had already started to rotate to the right position, and I'm sure I can feel my real upper front tooth is fractionally lower than before (this is a GOOD THING - it's being lowered because of receding gum, to match the gumline of the false one, then shaved off along the bottom - yikes!!) Then new false front tooth and matching veneer on real one, and I shall have a great grin! NOT a gray grin!!!

I've also got some stuff which looks as if I've got a mouth full of chewing gum stuck along my top gums to pad the braces. It's not a good look, and probably the quickest way of ending my love life!! I'm thinking of taking the veil with a final reveal in a year's time. Actually, I gather the top teeth should be done in a few months, the bottom ones taking longer. Another option is to cover my teeth with my hand like Japanese girls, or just not smile .. :-(


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