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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yesterday (Wednesday)

Rachel and I went to the Fabric Market - three storeys of shop fronts full to the brim with rolls of all sorts of materials, and display dummies outside each one dressed in clothes to suggest ideas of what they can make for you. I've ordered a white cotton top, picking it up on Friday. The embarrassing bit was being measured by a tiny slender woman.

Oh, and I also bought a king-sized silk quilt for about 20-25 quid - which is half the price offered in the tourist silkworm 'factory' with silk wares department store built conveniently next door. No doubt somewhere along the line I shall find the first inch of my quilt is silk padding (the bit nearest the zip) and then amazingly it transmogrifies into polyester silk ... from the polyester silkworm, of course.


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