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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Technology and the luddite

Mobile phone went dead on me this morning, so I plugged it in (I know that much) as you do, but it wasn't recharging.

Never mind, I thought with a certain amount of private glee, it's old, old fashioned, frumpy, and not cool enough for trendy me. As I sat on the loo a bit later, planning which new super dooper one I'd get instead, damn the cost, it occurred to me I might not have switched it on at the mains... and so it proved.

After the party

"Waiting for the train at King's Cross I had: One Angus Burger King Burger, one packet wine gums, one copy Scarlet (rubbish), one box special offer half price Pringles. And for pudding, I had leftover Burger adhering to the capacious bosom. It was a long wait.

And at the other end? Mr Scary Axe Murderer Taxi Driver ... I pretended to be asleep as he tried to make conversation and we left the illusory comfort of a lighted city for the blackness of the surrounding - and empty - countryside..."

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

And this is the only one I can post here....

Last night I went out, had far too much to drink, came home and wrote some emails.

On May 30, 2007, at 00:45, susyrosy wrote:
> >>H C, I cant tell yo how pissed I am, had to just write a npon >>-pissed type message to a friend whose oming roundto morron, sorry >>about this, but i@ve had a good night., hoope you are alrifight, >>god U ve had so muchto drink, not always like this,, but htought >>Ild rwrite. cant see >> >>Lovve Susy xx this is tterrible... hahahahhahahah

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It's the new 40 apparently ..

but it's a particular birthday of mine today.

The stunner on the right is my eldest daughter, Rachel, here from Chile a couple of months ago. The other one is her AP.

Happy Birthday, me! Mwah mwah!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

A few of days ago, in a wild fit of enthusiatic arm waving, I nearly spilt a glass of wine over my laptop. Quick reactions - saved the glass, the wine and the laptop. Golly, did I feel good. So good, I slurped the wine and refilled the glass.

Guess who did the same again several minutes later, the only difference being slightly delayed reactions by now, and the laptop guzzled the wine like a dehydrated computer...

For several days, I was biting nails, pacing the floor, tearing hair, diving into the church shop, pretending to be full of good works, in reality getting a fix from their computer.

Today, son in law took some bits off the underneath of the laptop, cleaned a couple of contacts, fitted it all back - and here I am again! Bet you all missed me and my percipient, astute and acerbic comments...

The laptop still STINKS of wine - yerk! Daren't do anything about that, because I think I got away with things lightly - when I tipped it up to drain it, wine poured all over the table. Now, I'm rather sorry about the waste.

I've been mobilised by one of my daughters. I have a 'retro' ie ancient and laughable mobphone, which I've already used and used, spending vast amounts of money refuelling. It's been a life saver over this weekend, keeping in touch.

Monday, May 14, 2007


Several attempts have been made to kick and scream me into the 21st century. Third phone lucky? Kate has bought me a £10 voucher from Tesco, and given me an old mobile. And joined the two together. Then Tim instructed me in the use of the phone, by virtue of holding said phone cupped in his hands out of my sight, hammering the buttons and then declaring me to be fully conversant with this obviously out of date designed phone. I've seen the sleek lightweight modern ones - this is a brick by comparison. Ingrate!

Kate tells me it is for emergencies only. So I proceed to send messages to all my friends. And spend the rest of the day exchanging texts, until the balance is down to £4.65. For goodness' sake don't tell her...

Child Labour

Nope, not a partly political broadcast - though, there's an idea based on what follows....

Today, Monday, I am in sole charge of my middle daughter Kate's ankle biter, Lily (3). Now, how to amuse her at minimum expense of energy to myself? I know ....

(Later) I've just taken Lily to the church shop, where she stuffed envelopes and stuck sticky address labels on the fronts. Then she swept the floor (humming to herself!). Tomorrow: down the mines, and Wednesday it must be up the chimneys. Thursday a spot of crawling under dangerous weaving machinery... Friday is selling matches in the snow.

Hoorah for exploiting child labour in the UK - time for a revival.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


My little stillborn grandson has been named Ashton Alexander.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Hi, Mom, I'm ho-ome!

My son rang at 1.00 last night (woke me up, dear chap) to tell me he was on his way home after 7 months in Thailand.

Then he woke me up at 5.30 this morning to tell me (a touch unnecessarily, huh?) that he WAS home! Bless! I keep forgetting he's not 14 any more, even though the memory obviously lingers on for him, too...

It's lovely to see him after so long - not really moaning. Not allowed to moan - he's now snoring away upstairs - and I wouldn't want to wake him...

Friday, May 04, 2007

The saddest sight

was my daughter kissing and stroking her beautiful new stillborn baby son.

Died and born 1.30 pm 3 May 2007.

Ebby: I thought it was my alarm clock waking me up (the beep beep of the ambulance backing down the road to their house). I really wanted a little brother.

Zia: We knew him, but he didn't know us. Did he cry? Did he open his eyes? Did he kick his legs?

Daisy: Little man, little man. I don't want to go home and have to leave him here. He was warm for a long time. Now he's cold. I kept thinking he had moved. I kept asking them if they'd made a mistake..

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Trades Descriptions Act

Recently, a baker has been stopped from baking cute little tarts with marzipan piggy snouts on the top, called Pigtarts, because there is no pig in them.... Similarly, Robin tarts, because there are no robins in them.

This, of course, brings to mind other foodstuffs misleadingly labelled - Shepherd's Pie, Walls icecream, Fairy Cakes.

Which leads me on to wonder why my dentist hasn't set up a lucrative sideline selling genuine Rock Cakes... what a lot of business he could generate. In exchange for free dental treatment, I might suggest it to him...


Just increased the credit card debt to fund more holidays for my dentist. He's persuaded me that BEFORE he can mend the peanut butter and tooth sandwich damage, attractively self inflicted a couple of weeks ago, I should whiten said toothy pegs in advance, for a good colour match for the mend.

Well, armed with pocket-crippling gel and a pair of transparent myteeth lookylikey gum shields, I've just tried the first treatment. Actually, it didn't look too bad - you could only see around the gum line I had these shields on, but when I spoke, I did sound as if my tongue had grown twice the size. I always sounds pretty drunk, so no change there.

And it works! Just been inspecting the result - first time, remember - and I'm sure I can see a difference. Knocked the postman off his bike when I flashed him, anyway ....

He liked the teeth, too.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Message for Richard/Baddeck

Well, how nice is this? A comment left by someone I just bumped into for an hour or so last year. If you read this, Richard, I'd love to see your photos. All the best, Susy


I just found back your blog address.
We met last August 17th in Baddeck.
After three days, I finally saw some Bald eagles, unbelievably close. Got great pictures.



9:23 PM

susyrosy said...

Hey Richard! Hope you get to see this - thanks for writing and I'd love to see your bald eagle pictures. My email addy is


11:56 AM